Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Apples to Apples


          I bought this dress around March or April of 2007 to wear to the graduation at my high school, and I've only worn it once since 2007...(Shame on me, right?) When I picked it out last night, I took into great consideration the miserable heat and humidity outside because walking around in the wrong clothes can be a death wish in southern Georgia. With this dress, I wore a red oriental necklace, a black bead bracelet, and red flats.

          It's been two days since my first post, but I'm already itching to post again! I hope my writing doesn't bore my few but loyal followers. Today, I survived through three (not so brutal) classes: Greek & Latin Medicine, History of Civilizations III, and Intro to Literature. Seeing that I'm an English major with a huge prejudice against anything science or math related, I was surprised when I ended up liking my Greek & Latin Medicine course. My teacher is witty, and the class is more like a word memorization game. You have to remember prefixes, suffixes, different vowel combos, etc., and I like the challenge. I mean, I am a word nerd... My history teacher is proving to be a nerd himself. He uses different voices to illustrate people we're learning about, and I spent the entire class period trying to figure out where he moved from to Valdosta (I'm placing my bets on somewhere in New England at the moment). Nothing tops my Intro to Lit class, though. My friend, Jennifer (who is amazing and took the pictures for this post), has the class, too, and the class has ended up being hilarious. Our professor adds his own two cents as he teaches the class, and his southern drawl only increases his comments and storytelling.

          After class, I dragged Jennifer with me to the library to print my syllabi for the semester, but after about twenty minutes of captivity, we escaped to Jazzman's, a coffee shop on campus, for smoothies for the treacherous walk to the front of campus. I asked Jennifer to help me with my blog by using her astounding photography skills for my pictures. She said yes! We decided to take the pictures in front of West Hall at the fountain because the beginning of school year is the only time the fountain is ever turned on. We only lasted outside for another fifteen minutes; the humidity tends to make me feel like I'm the Wicked Witch and melting is an issue...

          I spent the rest of the afternoon on my bed in our apartment and bumming on the couch with my two roomies, Abby and Katie. As much as we didn't want to leave our cozy spots on the sofa, we drove over to the Newman Center (for Catholics on Campus) for Blaze. Blaze is held every Wednesday, and all of the Newman members get together for bible study, dinner, and usually goofing around. We ate loads of pizza from Little Caesar's (super yum to the rescue!), and ice cream for dessert. Someone mentioned playing Apples to Apples, and the ultimate war of hilarity began. Take a group of fifteen college kids and give them Apples to Apples. I literally laughed away the pizza and the ice cream after an hour of Apples to Apples, and I'm glad to be back at school with people who make me laugh until I nearly lose it completely.

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  1. Awwww!!! I loves you!!! Thank you for the awesome words about my photos! ;D I love what I got from today. :) (Just didn't love the heat.)

  2. You don't like feeling like butter in the hot, hot sun? I mean, it's seriously like a sauna...

  3. Enjoyed your blog; cute concept! Keep up the good work and show off a bit in Lit! - Mrs. Ragsdale

  4. Love it, sis! And Jennifer did an amazing job on the pictures....of course, you are so photogenic, it's easy. You sure do make a beautiful picture.
    Sp g;ad you are laughing and enjoying school.
    Miss ya!

  5. Well hello there gorgeous one! Welcome to the blogging world :D! I'm lyndsey- I was sent here by your lovely best friend, Jennifer :). If you need any tips on how to spice up your blog or want access to fashion websites you just let me know little missy!

    Much love and success to your blog! You are very stylish as far as I can tell, so you keep up the good work! ;)

    Lyndsey of Hellolyndsey

  6. I'll try not to show off too much in lit, Mrs. Ragsdale! I heard the best English teacher from WCHS retired? I hope you're having fun!

    Thanks Jess!

    Hi Lyndsey! Thanks for the warm welcome, and I'll be sure to ask you if I have any questions!

  7. I have that dress :) I love it so much; have had it for years.