Monday, August 16, 2010

My first post!

I've been racking my brain for months on what I should write a blog on, and I finally realized the answer was hanging in my closet. I've been collecting dresses basically as a hobby since my junior year in high school, but I never seem to find a chance or think to wear any of them except a few usuals. The challenge: wear every dress hanging in my closet by May 20th, 2011 (my 20th birthday). I must record what I do in each dress, and I must take a picture to illustrate each post. Each dress captured my eye in a store, but I want to remember each dress for the memories and moments I have in them instead of how pretty they look in my closet.

I bought the dress below from American Eagle a few years ago, and I've only ever worn it as a swimsuit coverup. Tonight I changed it up and actually wore it as a sundress with white sandals and a white lace headband.

Me in our apartment!

Today was the first day of my second year of college. I feel like I'm getting old! After a day full of classes and chaos, my roommate, Abby, and I headed to our apartment to shower and change to go out and celebrate our friend, Ben's, 23rd birthday. Abby and I were the first to arrive at the restaurant, but I was anxious for Ben and his wife, Emily, to hurry up and get there! Emily and Ben had let it slip that Emily was expecting the night before at church, but since Abby got caught in traffic on her way back from Atlanta, she hadn't heard the news yet. Luckily, Ben and Emily were the next two people to sit down at our table, and Emily instantly spilled the news to Abby, who of course, flipped her lid with excitement! During dinner, everyone gave their congratulations, and Abby began planning "Team Baby Davis" shirts for us to wear when the baby is born. Katie, my other roomie, Abby, and I volunteered to babysit as much as possible and help paint the baby's room. After a hilarious dinner with Ben, Emily, Abby, Katie, Pete, Brian, Jeff, and Gary, we drove over the Ben and Emily's to cut cake and hangout. After a long day, Katie, Abby, and I headed back to our apartment to crash on our sofa. I honestly think that tonight was the best way to start out a new school year, and I'm ready for all the challenges that school will bring.

L to R: Gary, Katie, Me, Abby, Emily, Ben, Pete, Jeff, and Brian


  1. I love it! I'm gonna' spread the news of your blog, particularly to some fashionista blogs so they can help you out and promote you some. :) (That way you don't feel like you're doing it for nothing.)

    I love the start so far!
    Cute pictures!

  2. Love it! Keep it up, sis! What a fun way to blog.

  3. The dress blog thing is a cool idea. I have the same problem about buying them and never wearing them! But I'm totally obsessed with that rug!! Where did you get it?

  4. Hi Elizabeth, I'm a blog friend of Jennifer's and she actually directed me here! I really think that's such a fun idea you have and hope you'll achieve your goal by your 20th birthday!

    There are tons of fashion network sites you could register to such as chictopia, weardrobe, chicisimo, trendtation, hypeed and so on to get the word out on your blog. And of course, the best way to get into the community is by commenting on other style blogger's blogs! I hope that helps a lil!

    And I wish you the very best in your challenge:)


  5. Becca, my roommate bought the rug is from World Market, and I've been in love with it since she put it on our floor.

    Sher, I'm hoping to wear my last dress on my birthday. :) I'm considering signing up to chictopia in just a few minutes. Thanks for the help! I love any and all support from anyone.

  6. Adorable dress!! I hope you reach your goal & good luck with your second year!! =)

  7. Hey love, very creative and you look great. Come for a visit and we'll find some new frocks. Love, Aunt Marrion