Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Weekend Full of (but what else?) Dresses!

          My weekend was utter chaos! (And I loved it...) Staying busy is usually my favorite hobby, but this weekend was all about having fun and not worrying about the hectic semester ahead. With that said, I wore three dresses this weekend, and I've finally found the time to sit down and write.

Thanks Abby for picking out this outfit!

          Although I knew my weekend was jam-packed with plans, I honestly wasn't planning on wearing three dress but just one tops. When Friday night rolled around, I headed to the Newman Center for music practice with Brian at 7 pm with the intention of staying until 8 for the movie night. Abby texted me in the middle of practice and asked if I was game to go to a party at our friend, Brittany's, house. A party sounded awesome after a weekend full of new classes and loads of stress, but I was rocking jeans and a t-shirt, which wouldn't have been so rocking at a party. Abby told me that she would pick me out something to change into after movie night, and I left my look for the night up to fate.

The Freshmen Game!
          I bought this dress at Target about a year ago, and I've worn it to a handful of random events. I wore the dress with gold sandals. (Thanks Abby!) I found the chart in my hands on Brittany's fridge, and I ended up asking her about it. Apparently, Brittany and her roommates have a points system for whenever they encounter freshmen on campus. You earn a certain amounts of points for a different encounter such as a freshman asking for directions is worth 12 points. I thought the idea was so brilliant that I made sure to have my picture taken with the game chart immediately.

Brittany, Abby, me, and Taylor at Brittany's apartment

          Earlier last week, I'd convinced my mom into driving over to Valdosta on Saturday to have lunch with me and my roommates. I decided that I would wake up super early, tidy up my room and the apartment, straighten my hair, and wear a fabulous dress. Well, sometimes sleep is more important, and freaking out after sleeping way past the alarm is necessary to keep a person on their toes. I did wear a dress and frantically try to shove the mess in my room into hiding. My hair was still wet when my mom parked outside of our apartment, and straightening my hair fell out of the window when I realized I would waste time that could be spent with her. Ironically enough, my mom bought the dress below for me when she visited my brother in Texas this past April. I wore this dress with my favorite black sandals and my super curly hair.

My amazing mom and I in front of the Bleu Cafe

          Abby, Katie, my mom, and I left the apartment and headed towards the Bleu Cafe in downtown Valdosta for lunch. I tried to navigate my mom, who was driving, around Valdosta, but I keep forgetting she knows all the roads since she attended VSU (when it was VSC) when she was my age. None of us had ever eaten at the Bleu Cafe, but one of our friends, Taylor A., had mentioned to Abby that the food was awesome. I love trying new restaurants, and after Saturday's lunch, I think I found a new favorite place to eat. I ordered a Greek salad because feta cheese sounded severely appetizing, and the salad was fresh and full of flavor with plenty of feta to satisfy even the worst feta addicts like myself.

Abby, Katie, and I

          After lunch, we all piled into my mom's car and hit a couple of consignment shops in Valdosta. Sadly enough, I ended up buying another dress, but I figure I have plenty of time to wear my entire collection. I mean, buying one dress can't hurt, right? I think consignment shops are like a gold mine in a girl's world. If I just glance at the endless racks of clothes, I automatically think I'll never find anything, but if I look hard enough, I can find stylish clothes in good condition for cheaper than what I would normally pay. Searching through rack after rack of clothes is only a small price to pay for a killer deal.

Me in my new room
           I love new clothes, so I wore the dress I purchased that afternoon to the "housewarming" party we threw in our apartment on Saturday night. I didn't wear shoes the entire night, but I did wear the dress with green earrings that my cousin, Sarah, made and a multicolored, glass bracelet my aunt gave me for my last birthday. My friend, Jennifer, is once again my super hero since she took the pictures of me in this dress, but I loved even more that she could come see our finished apartment. My roommates and I have been slowly decorating our apartment since Abby and I first moved in at the beginning of August. We were finally able to show off our mad HGTV skills Saturday night, and I've never been more proud to call a place home. 

          Although I can't mention what really happened at our party, I can divulge that I have slightly crazy friends who know how to act like true college students. I hope we can host another party in the very near future, and I hope our next party is just as spontaneous and hysterical as last night was. With all of that being said in one huge giant breath, I have a pound of reading to do, so I can appear knowledgeable in class tomorrow (or at least try to...).

Thanks Jennifer for sharing your talent! To check out more of anything Jennifer, check out her blog at


  1. Thanks Jen! :D I'm becoming a blog addict, and none of my homework is done...oops.

  2. Love it! Great to see a pic of mom. Miss you!

  3. I'm still loving reading your blog, and your comforter is so adorable! Since I'm just going to lame old Waycross College, it's nice to read about you doing the school thing. I'm going to be keeping up with 'One Dress at a Time' for sure! You totally inspired me to start a blog too=]

  4. Becca, your comment just made my day and pushed me to finally post from last Friday. :D I loved what I've read on your blog. Keep it up! This one keeps me on my toes since I need to write more, but it's becoming a bit addicting.