Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Road trip!

          Although this dress was worn on Friday (August 27th), I haven't had the energy or motivation to write, which is horrible. I'm a writer, and I should at least make time to keep up with this blog. With that said, the dress below was purchased at Target when I was on vacation in Panama City, Florida this past July, and I'm in love with it. I'm wearing a silver necklace with a glass heart-shaped pendant covered in flowers, a yellow glass bracelet, and brown gladiator sandals.

Me trying to not pose awkwardly...

          On Thursday night, I randomly decided to head home Friday after my classes to see my parents and my sister, Sarah. I always joke with Sarah that she's my favorite sister (she's my only sister not counting my awesome sister-in-laws), but I especially love the weekends when I know I get to see my favorite sister since we attend colleges so far apart. Sarah and I are a hoot when we're together, and we laugh until it hurts no matter where we are or what we're doing. But I digress...I invited my photographer/amazing friend, Jennifer, to travel with me to my hometown for a couple of days, and she, of course, wanted to meet my cooky family and immediately accepted my invite. 

My backyard aka the jungle

          I was dying to straighten my hair because I haven't yet for any of my posts on here, and I happily straightened my hair on Friday morning. But the humidity had other plans concerning my hair... By the time I walked into my World Civilization class at 12 pm, my hair had already transformed into one huge, wavy, frizzy mess. I was extremely disappointed, but I was considerably cheered up when my teacher called it quits on trying to work the DVD player and cancelled class at 12:05 pm. My Intro to Lit teacher added to the cheer when he decided to show clips from O Brother, Where Art Thou? instead of lecturing the entire time. Jen and I were totally geared up to leave right after our Intro to Lit class, but we had to wait until I finished music practice with the guys, Brian and Gary, for church. Brian and Gary both play guitar, and Gary and I sing at mass on Sunday nights. The guys make music practice highly entertaining due to absurd singing and guitar playing, and goofing around is a welcomed change of scenery compared to serious school. After practice, Jennifer and I zoomed out of town in my little car blasting incredible music to narrate our childish excitement.

My beast, Apollo

          After seventy miles of asphalt and basically nothing but trees and tiny, country towns, Jen and I rolled into Waycross, Georgia, my hometown. My mom and I had talked about eating at Wong's Palace, my all-time favorite Chinese restaurant, but when Jen and I arrived, we patiently waited for my mom and Sarah to join us because we were a bit earlier. Apparently, we'd all gotten confused. I'm not certain who said where or how it was interpreted, but my mom and Sarah were at another restaurant about five minutes away waiting on us...oops. No one's perfect, right? Once we were all together, dinner consisted of catching up on all the general events in our lives and talking about Andi's wedding happening next Saturday. Sarah and I are both itching with excitement about Andi's wedding, and I can't wait to post on Saturday night since I'm definitely wearing a gorgeous dress (insert HUGE grin here). All four of us headed back to the house, and Jen, as always, took amazing pictures of me around the house. Our road trip was an enormous success, and I can hardly help myself from planning another road trip with Jen soon.


  1. Haha, I love our road trips! It was a lot of fun! :P I love you girllllll. Can't wait to see the wedding post! :D

  2. I can't wait to post about it! I'm just having trouble deciding which dress to wear for the occasion. :)

  3. Beth!! I love it! :) I too can't wait for it to be humid free so I can see how crazy long your hair is! <3

  4. Also, I did just do the less than 3 as a heart. You're welcome

  5. Can't wait to see what dress you wear to the wedding! Know it'll totally rock=]